VKB INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIALS LLC is a company established in Dubai, UAE in 2014, especially it is focused into imports and distribution of building material products clearly  specialized in the Plumbing Hardware, and Construction industry.

Importantly VKB International Building Materials llc shall provide with a combination package of delivery of goods along with technical support and service.

Furthermore Our company is catering to the requirements of the UAE, GCC countries, Africa Continents.

In addition our business philosophy is to deal decidedly only with highly recognized products and indeed of highly quality besides generating confidence also generates fidelization in our clients.

All our products wherever applicable will be supplied obviously with suitable Civil Defense approvals, Test Certificates, ISO approved companies, UL approved Products.

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Undoubtedly, our clients are the meaning of  VKB INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, for this reason all our actions are focused on them.

In particular, We consider ourselves as a company that listens customer’s needs, hence offering alternatives that suit their needs.

Moreover, we are a friendly company with strong corporate values that make us stand out from the rest.

Additionally, we are characterized by our fast customer service and efficiency when facing their problems.

Tell us about your needs, we will gladly assist you!

Importantly, we are a leading company in this field not only with excellent products, excellent prices, excellent distribution network, but also you will also have an excellent ally.

We are happy to have you here we will surely do great things together.

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